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Anatolian Rug

Rug - Super Thin Kirman - Usak (Esme) Region

Rug - Super Thin Kirman - Usak (Esme) Region

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  • Vintage – 25 Years Old
  • 'Tree of Life' Motif
  • 162 x 112 cm
  • %100 Ship Wool
  • %100 Madder
  • It refutes the theory that only simple motifs can be woven by the weaving technique.
  • It represents the axis of the earth connecting the three parts of the universe; The underworld in which it takes root, the world of people with whose body it points, and the sky with which it releases its branches. An inverted tree with roots in the sky emphasizes the earth's trunk and branches that the universe was created by God.

1,5 - 2 kg

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