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Anatolian Rug

Alacul Rug - Zili Technique - Bergama Region

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  • Vintage
  • 308 x 185 cm 
  • Name of the motif - 'Yedi Bela' and 'Bezeme'
  • Weft and warp, 'Bezeme' style threads
  • %100 Ship Wool
  • %100 Madder
  • Alaçul is beam sackcloth or which motifs and patterns are formed according to a certain technique, using goat hair, motif yarn (Bezeme) or wool yarn dyed in the third yarn in the warp and weft yarns (threads).
  • On the lower and upper narrow edges, there is a row of ‘Sheep’s Eye' motif woven with the ‘Cicim technique' in the skirt knitting. In the middle ground, intertwined rhombuses were formed by touching this motif called ”Yedi Bela" in different colours with the straight and Zili technique.
  • These rhombuses covering the middle ground according to the infinity principle are also called "navel sackcloth" - ‘göbekli çul’ or "navel motif". ‘göbek motif.

9,5 - 10 kg